What is STARTS?

STARTS (Science, Technology and Arts) is a European Commission supported project that fuels the collaboration between Science, Technology and the Arts. Waag is one of its founding partners.


From migration to the new green deal, and from data surveillance to food waste: big social, ecological and economic challenges await Europe, now and in the near future. Creative innovation plays an important role in offering new insights, future narratives and possible solutions. STARTS fosters art driven innovation by creating new alliances between Science, Technology and the Arts. 


Within the interdisciplinary field of STARTS, we believe that artists have an important role to play. As drivers behind creative innovative processes, they challenge us to look at global challenges in a new way and spark creative innovation. We also welcome surprising collaborations between the ICT sector and the Arts and Culture sector.

About Waag

As a cultural research institution, Waag has been exploring the possibilities of open, fair and inclusive technology since 1994. With a history in the hackers culture, the Do it Together maker movement, and working together with designers, artists and thinkers, we move exactly in the interdisciplinary field between Science, Technology and the Arts. The mission and vision of STARTS are inscribed in our DNA.


Waag hosts yearly STARTS artist in residencies. We speak up at STARTS Talks, organise events with inspirational artists, and invite the industry to co-create innovation with artists and scientists. As one of STARTS’ consortium partners, Waag functions as an important node within the local and global network for creative innovation. 

Read more about the STARTS projects: Vojext, Better Factory and STARTS Prize.

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