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STARTS is a European initiative that fosters the cooperation between Science, Technology and the Arts. Waag is one of its founding partners.

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Open Call: S+T+ARTS Prize 2023

It's that time of the year again: from 11 January until 3 March 2023, the submission platform for S+T+ARTS Prize is open!

Each year, S+T+ARTS Prize awards the most pioneering collaborations and results in the field of creativity and innovation at the crossings of science and technology with the arts. The S+T+ARTS Prize of the European Commission is launched by Ars Electronica, Bozar, Waag, INOVA+, T6 Ecosystems, French Tech Grande Provence and Frankfurter Buchmesse.

11 January - 3 March 2023

How to establish environmental commons

During S+T+ARTS day at Dutch Design Week (28-10-2022), Waag invited four S+T+ARTS Prize nominees and honorary mentioned artists together with Godelieve Spaas (Professor New Economy at the Avans University of Applied Sciences Breda).

We still need a larger effort for building a symbiotic relationship between urban and natural ecological spaces. During the presentations and panel talk we discussed: How do we socially and technologically design in response to this concern?

26 October 2022

S+T+ARTS Day at Ars Electronica 2022

The S+T+ARTS Day on the 9th of September at Ars Electronica followed this year’s two annual, overarching narratives from STARTS Prize: environmental commons, and data literacy, commons and activism. It featured not only S+T+ARTS prize winners’ projects but also residencies projects and other projects in the S+T+ARTS ecosystem, such as MediaFutures. Last but not least, the one-day-conference also gave stage to a climate warrior, which strengthened the urgency of taking care of environmental commons.

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9 September 2022

Environmental Commons, Digital Literacy and Activism

STARTS Prize 2022 was lucky to receive an overwhelming amount of 1499 works from 96 different countries. Which social, ecological and economic challenges do the leading artistic researchers see for today’s Europe? And which alternatives do they propose? Read the blog and take a look at the two videos on this year’s overarching narratives that rise from their works: Environmental Commons, and Digital Literacy & Activism.

More-than-Planet Expo, curated by Waag

From Friday 1 July 2022 until Saturday 31 December, the More-than-Planet exhibition at Old Observatory Leiden showcases five cutting-edge international artists who set off to work in the domain of space.

The transdisciplinary artworks in the More-than-Planet exhibition aim to spark a discussion about how technologies and the drivers behind their development can help reduce environmental stress. You're cordially invited for the expo opening on Friday 1 July at 18:00 hrs.!

1 July - 31 December 2022

How to become a better factory: Watch the livestream

On the 29th of June, Better Factory partners came to the S+T+ARTS booth at the European Robotics Forum in Rotterdam to discuss:

• The status of Better Factory
• How the KTE teams are coming along with their work
• How to apply for the next Open Callhow to become a 'better factory'

Watch the Better Factory Live Stream interview to see how to apply for the second Better Factory Open Call on 1 September, 2022!

Or visit https://betterfactory.eu/open-calls/ to view the Open Call.

Open Call deadline: 1 September 2022

These are the STARTS Prize 2022 winners!

We are thrilled to announce that Holly Herndon (US) is awarded with the Grand Prize for her work Holly+ in the category Artistic Exploration. This category distinguishes a work of art with a strong potential to influence or alter the use, deployment or perception of technology.

Giulia Foscari (IT) & UNLESS are awarded with the Grand Prize for their work Antarctic Resolution in the category Innovative Collaboration. They are awarded for innovative collaboration between industry or technology and the arts (and the cultural and creative sectors in general) that open new pathways for innovation.

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